Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Malden Drive Receives Top Honors For Neighborhood Night Out

We have received word that Northrich's Malden Drive has once again taken the top honors for its Neighborhood Night Out festivities on October 4. For those who attended, the event was highlighted by a special guest appearance by McGruff the Crime Dog. It was a great time to meet with neighbors, grab some grub, and learn a little about keeping our neighborhood safe. More information regarding the awards ceremony to come. Thanks again to all those who attended and a special thanks to all those who made it all possible, you know who you are.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gordon MacDonald update

Northrich is a close community of neighbors, who watch over each other and help others who are in need.  Perhaps one of our most well-known neighbors, Gordon MacDonald, fell down a few weeks ago and has been busy making a recovery since.  His musical saw serenade, a staple of Malden Drive's annual Neighborhood Night Out, was greatly missed at last week's event.  

Neighbors who have visited with him recently have said that he is doing well and seems in good spirits, as Gordon always is.  His only request: fresh fruit.  Anyone wishing to visit with Gordon in his rehab facility or wish him well over the phone, please call NNA President Zach Vaughn at 214-564-0723 for Gordon's temporary contact info.